Endorsed for Exceptional Talent

Hi everyone,

I got endorsed! :blush:

First of all thank you very much! This forum has been the most significant support for me to get endorsed for Exceptional Talent.

I did not even know about this visa until February 2023. And everything about the application process seemed blur and difficult. However thanks to you all, I have been able to get endorsed in my first trial.

I submitted my documents on 26.08.2023 and got endorsed on 13.09.2023. I am outside the UK. Here are some details:

My profile

  • 11 years experience (5 as a research assistant in university, 6 as a research engineer in industry)
  • PhD in machine learning
  • Experienced in two different industries

Statement of Purpose

  • Half about my past, half about my plans in the UK

Recommendation letters

  • My Phd supervisor
  • A manager from an international company
  • A senior engineer from my ex-company


1- Current employment specifications, high salary
2- Ex company information, significant event participation
3- Review activity for international scientific journal
4- Product evidence A

5- Product evidence B
6- Product evidence C
7- Product evidence D

8- Academic journal publication
9- Multiple conference papers
10- Phd thesis

Notes on application:

  • Product evidences include innovative products I designed or managed the designs + challenging and innovative aspects + news clippings
  • As I submitted more than 2 pieces for each criteria I do not know which counted and which did not.

My suggestions on how to benefit from this forum:

  • Use the search facility of the forum :slight_smile: Not every member checks out the forum frequently so your answer might be hidden somewhere in the forum. I have found very valuable knowledge about applications similar to my case entries from 1-2 years back.
  • I got more replies when my questions were shorter and focused.

Good luck everyone! And thanks so much again!


Congratulations to you, and I wish you all the best.

Thank you very much :slight_smile: