Endorsed for Exceptional Talent - application details

Hi all

I thought I would provide a summary of my application that got me endorsed for Talent.
Applied on the 15th of September and got endorsed on the 28th of September after 3 edits. Endorsement email came in few hours after the last edit. I assume the last edit is tech nation sending a notification to home office which is where the email comes from (not from tech nation).

I have an engineering MSc and PhD from top UK universities, and I worked as a silicon architect in a unicorn UK semiconductor start-up for the last 3.5 years, straight out of PhD.


  • Current CEO
  • Previous line manager (Chief architect)
  • PhD supervisor

Mandatory criteria:

  • info about the company (funding, valuation etc)
  • contract and equity
  • salary reviews
  • proof of papers submitted and presented at two conferences
  • github repo of a portion of my work at the company which was open-sourced

Optional criteria 1

  • contract and equity (again)
  • salary reviews (again)
  • snippets from 5 patents (one as a single author) spanning 5 years
  • github repo of a portion of my work at the company which was open-sourced( again)
  • architectural diagrams showing my specified portions

Optional criteria 4

  • Journal paper published in top IEEE journal
  • conference talks (again)
  • Letter of support from previous supervisor
  • degrees and scholarships

I hope this helps.


Many thanks for the information. To the point, short and crisp. Congratulations!

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congratulations. Well deservedendorsement.

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I have only a BSc, and I have helped build MVPs for multiple start-ups.

  1. Can my project supervisor give me a recommendation?
  2. I’m currently assisting on a PhD research, what do I have to do to ensure I can use it as evidence?
  3. Can I use the MVPs for these startups as evidence or do I need something else to add to it. I have only pictures and videos
    Thank you

Have you worked for a product led company?
How many years of experience do you have?

I have worked for one in the past before. 7 years experience in total out of which I have 5 years professional experience. Currently working for another at the moment, but we haven’t launched yet

1- anyone who knows your work can write you a recommendation letter. The more senior, the better. I felt they value it a lot when very senior/known people who know your work recommend you without actually working with you (i.e. not a colleague or direct manager). They see it as an “independent” testimony on the work.
2- in what capacity are you assisting? you will have to show significant contribution.
3- You need to show that 1) you had a significant contribution to these MVPs beyond just being an employee in the company, 2) thee MVPs were impactful and progressed to becomoe significant product of the start-up.

  1. I am the one writing the codes for the research.
    Thank you very much, this was very helpful.

I would have thought you’ll need more than this. Unless this code you’re writing is impactful and widely used in the field by other professionals. But I am guessing it is not the case here?

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