Email Recommendation Letter will work or not?

Hi All,

Does that necessary the recommendation letter should be in company letter head? My referrer is a very senior guy, he has got around 30 yrs of experience. He is not ready to provide letter with scanned copy as email attachment. Instead, he is ready to provide a recommendation email with company logo and his details. Would this be treated as valid recommendation letter?

Shajeeb S

Hi @shajeebs,

As long as the letter contain intro “For the attention of Tech Nation” as it is stated in the documentation and letter contains their details that Tech Nation can use to potentially contact them - it should be fine.

Furthermore, I don’t think there is a rule anyway that says that you must provide a scanned copy as email attachment. I believe what you have described as a second option is how it is usually done.

Please let me know if that helps.



Hi @shajeebs,

I completely agree with @herman.komashko that it, probably, will work.

At the same time, I want to pay your attention that the letter of recommendation must have specific questions covered.

It should not be just three sentences with the meaning “I like this guy, please, endorse him”.
The more relevant facts about you an email will have - the better outcome for you it will bring.

I wrote tons thoughts about the letter of recommendation on my blog so you can check any of them. They are relevant for you case as well.

And, please, tag me if you have any other questions about Global Talent Visa in Digital Technologies.

Andrii Seleznov