Email after biometrics

Hi all
4 days has passed since I submitted my passport and documents to VFS and taken my photo and fingerprinting.

Am I supposed to receive acknowledgment by the Home Office?

Assuming you have applied out of UK , you should get a mail that your application has been forwarded for processing. If you have opted for sms services then sms would have come saying the same.

ok, so 13 days have passed and I still have received no acknowledgement or notification from VFS. I emailed their customer care 4 days ago but no response. I also messaged them on Facebook, but have been ignored. Their phone numbers don’t work either.

You can pay a nominal charge and ask for status of your application at UKVCAS

You would get an email from embassy that your application is received and under consideration. And then waiting period starts. No information on progress whatsoever. Then you will get an email again saying your application is decided and you need to collect your passport and documents. Please mind that the email won’t say the outcome of application that you will know only when you open an envelope and passport.

well, I haven’t received any of those. What is the email or phone number to contact?

I applied at the VFS center in Tehran on 1st August. They do not answer calls unfortunately. I need to try foreign services. I will pay for the call if I have to.

and why do I need to contact UKVACs? Why not VFS?

for those interested, I received my passport with visa label on 25 August. However, I have received no email notification after passport submission or after visa issue, to date. So sometimes they don’t email at all.

Also I noticed the date the home office issued my visa was 11 August, wonder why it took them nearly two weeks to deliver my passport.

so my timeline is:
stage 1
GBP456 fee paid: 29 May
online submission: 10 June
received by TechNation: 14 June
received endorsement on: 15 July
stage 2
IHS and application fee paid: 26 July
passport submission: 1st August
visa approved: 11 August
passport delivered by courier: 25 August
visa starts from: 1st September


@messengercrow congratulations

How about applying inside the UK. I have not received any email at all, its been 2 weeks