Eligibility non digital background start-up founders

I am an international founder of an agritech start-up in the UK, and I don’t have a digital tech educational or professional background. My educational background is in Geology, and professional background in the oil and gas sector. I’ve been in the UK for three years under a Tier 1 start-up visa. The start-up has reached its proof of concept stage, has recently started commercializing its first revenue stream, has won awards/funds, and currently has a collaboration with a university’s computer science department who is helping us develop our digital product ( a digital platform using IoT, data science, ML).

In the same situation is the other founder, has an educational background in Mechanical Eng, and professional background in the start-up world, agritech focused.

With such backgrounds and achievements so far with our start-up, would we be a good fit for the exceptional promise, based on everyone’s experience in this network ?

Your help and support is greatly appreciated.