Eligibility assessment

Hi guys, I would really appreciate your feedback on the following:

  1. Can I apply if I am part of a knowledge transfer programme? The programme is between a university (my direct employer) and a product led company. I don’t have a direct employment contract with company but this is where I work in a day to day basis in the digital sector.
  2. I know the documents used to evidence the mandatory criteria need to be within the last 5 years but is this also the case for the OC docs?
  3. I want to rely on OC3, does the evidence l provide need to relate to my work as part of the KTP or can it also relate to my work in academia too.

Many thanks!

I think you ca apply as long as you are working in a technical role on the KTP project and you have evidence to how your significant contribution. All evidence must be within the last 5 years.