Does VFX Artists fit Tech Nation?

I wonder, does the VFX artist fit the requirements of Tech Nation? This is a person who makes effects for games. It’s not like he’s a developer, but you can’t make games without him.

My thought is that VFX can be considered both digital technology and art since it involves using computer graphics and other digital techniques to create realistic or stylized images and effects in film, television, and other media. So that will be a combination of creative problem-solving skills and a strong understanding of computer graphics and digital tools.

Since Arts Council England can endorse applications in the film, television, animation, post production and visual effects industries, your skills might fit this category since VFX is used in almost every sort of film and television production.

Also Tech Nation makes provision for technical skills not listed in its guidelines recognising that technology is constantly evolving. Perhaps you can position your skills in the ArtTech sector and emphasize on the technology aspects of your work that cover computer graphics, software programs (e.g. 3D modeling and animation software, compositing software, and special effects software) and other digital tools. Ensure to demonstrate how you’ve advanced the ArtTech sector by the use of technology in the creation and presentation of art.


Thank you May. This is very helpful. I knew I might have a chance as this is one visa route that really fits my needs if I have to travel to the UK. I will apply in the ArtTech sector and try as much as possible to highlights the impacts of my work in the advancement of digital technology.

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