Do Tech experience in a banks count as Product-Lead Digital Technology Company

Hello, @Francisca_Chiedu, @Sajjad_Bagheri_Baba

I have experience working as a Product Manager in a Financial Institution in my home country, where I built and managed Digital Payment solutions. I am also working as a Product Manager in a bank in the UK, where I manage the upgrade of payment infrastructure for high-value payments.

I want to confirm these organisations and the digital financial products they provide to customers would be considered as Product-Lead Digital Technology Companies.




Being employed at a bank is generally not an issue as long as you have technical expertise. According to the Tech Nation guide, technical applicants working in non-technical companies are also eligible. If the bank has a product and technology team that develops digital technology products for customers, you may be able to demonstrate your technical expertise through your work in this team. Additionally, if you have completed projects outside of your regular responsibilities at the bank that showcase your technical skills, this could be helpful in supporting OC 2.


I am agree with @May , she (@May) describes everything very well.


Hello, that was a great insight. I have been looking out on the Global Talent visa Guidlines for a motion designer but I didn’t find any.

I am a motion designer/animator and I work for a product-lead company in Nigeria. This company’s main product export is this animated video contents which is shipped/uploaded into there educational applications were customers subscribe to view this video.

I have worked in this animation industry for over 6 years now.

Do you think I am eligible for any of exceptional talent or Promise?

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