Does my profile qualify for Exceptional Promise Application


I want to know if I have a good chance of qualifying for an exceptional promise visa with my profile below:

I am currently doing my master in Data Science in the UK and want to switch to Technation visa.
I have 2 years experience working in Software development in Nigeria with parttime experience as a data analyst here in the UK.

I have done a few voluteering works as well:
In Nigeria teaching tech skills to young Nigerians, voluteering to organize AI and Data Science meetups,
In the UK, about 9 months ago organizing hackathons volunteer and another a month ago using my data skills for social good

Does this present a strong enough profile and what other evidence asides the reference from my past work places and volunteering works do I need to strenghten my application?
NB: I have not contributed to opensource yet though.

Many thanks to the community for their support.

Hey, our profiles are quite similar, and I just received an endorsement from Tech Nation, so I believe you have a good shot at Exceptional Promise. My recommendation is to always provide a great deal of context when describing what you did and its impact, including metrics.


Wow, that’s amazing. Congratulations on your endorsement. That’s a massive relief for me really.

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Hi Chiamaka, can we link up via LinkedIn for some advise?

I will like to know if you later give this a chance, how did it go? Did you get endorse?

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