DocuSign evidence question

DocuSign letter won’t let me combine my own explanation of the context and background because of the document “signed” feature.
When uploading evidence as part of the application, can I upload different files under the same envidence, if it doesn’t not go over 3 pages?
Also, there’s a DocuSign separate summary page that if I understand correctly I have to include: “enabling the inclusion of the document log file that clearly indicates the letter’s author and signature originated from a different IP address to the applicant”
Does it count towards my limited amount of pages per evident?

You can simply download the signed doc and merge with the explanation doc. You have to merge the files if they’re separate and upload as one document.

The docu sign summary doesn’t count towards the 3 pages.

It isn’t possible to merge signed document, that’s part of their security features to ensure no frauds.

Do you mean merging within docusign or even with another tool after downloading as pdf?

even with other tools, it’s a PDF security feature.
I’m trying to understand if it mean’s I’ll have to submit them as separate evidence.

I can break the signature, maybe the summary log is enough.
I’m really unsure about what is expected of me in this case.

The form will accept a maximum of 10 files for you to upload. Therefore if you upload 2 files, it will be 2 evidence as you understood.

you can merge pdf using this


Thanks, that one did the trick

Please what’s this docusign I’m just seeing. Is it now mandatory @May. I don’t understand

@alex_james It’s an online service that allows people to sign documents digitally in a way that is secure.
there are similar services like it, the principal is the same.
I don’t think it’s mendatory but it certainly can’t hurt, providing proof that your documents are authentic.

@Ido_Moshe please I asked similar question now and I am waiting for response. Can my recommender sign his signature on a paper, scan and attach it to my recommendation letter? Is it acceptable?

@Nacsoft I don’t know but I am not taking the risk. For my recommendations I use DocuSign but in the evidence I’m less strict.

@Ido_Moshe, thank you for the feedback. So someone can use docusign to sign the letter. Would the recommenders use it when writing the letter. Maybe TN has noticed people are submitting fake LOR hence this new update. It’s quite new…

Is this what you’re talking about (

They don’t need to use it when writing, just the signing part.

For merging with other docs, You can download a pdf merger utility and just select which PDFs need to be merged and that’s all.

@Ido_Moshe I don’t think the assessor will be strict on the evidence side though. But in case, if you are interested and you feel you want to validate the merged PDF file to see if the certificate and digital signature elements are still valid, you can use this service

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Thank you, May! That answered my confusion too.
But, could you please share a step-wise approach?
(I think that’s the only thing or confusion left in this topic and would be great if it is solved too for everyone, future applicants too)

As per my understanding:

  1. You have the recommendation letter document (word or pdf? or both are fine?)
  2. You upload it on the DocuSign platform and then send the link to that recommender and ask him/her to sign the document.
  3. Then you attach/upload the recommendation letter and the summary doc (merged at the end of the letter), on TN platform.
    Or share your step-wise approach, please!

Thank you!
CC: @Francisca_Chiedu

I’m using DocuSign for my letters too and want to include the certificate of completion. DocuSign have a feature where you can download the signed document + the certificate in one file but when I did that I can see that the LoR is A4 paper size but the certificate of completion is in a different size (maybe US Letter paper size). Does that matter? Does the rule of A4 paper size apply on the CV and the certificate too?

I just think hand signed letters or digital signature are straight forward. It should be the list of your problem

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