DocuSign Confusion

Hi! i’m a bit confused regarding DocuSigning, should the recommender create the docusign account, upload the letter from his side, sign it and send it to me? or can i just upload it from my side and he will just sign it? however, if i went to the second easier option the Certificate/log file will show me as the author of the letter since i’m the one who uploaded it.

did any one faced an issue when they upload it themselves?

Thank you!


Same questions, here.

Appreciate if anyone with prior experience can clarify this.

I uploaded it from my side and the tool send the sign request to the referer so the person can easily sign. After he signed it, it automatically added a log file together on the 4th page of the LOR PDF for me to download from the tool’s dashboard. My application was approved/endorsed without a question.

Ps. I used HelloSign, now it is called DropboxSign. It is also free to use.


Only one of my LoR was DocuSigned. TechNation does not care if it is DocuSigned or not.

I am judging from my application and about 4 people that I know that got endorsed.