Documents review

After having Imposter syndrome for so long, I’ve finally put my documents together ready to submit the TechNation application- I’ve completed the first part with Home Office. Is there a way you can help me do a quick review of the documents before I submit, please :pray:?

Secondly, does where you intend to live in the UK have a way of affecting your application? I’m asking because I saw that question while filling out the form so I was a bit curious if TechNation would compare what you earn to where you intend to live and possibly reject your application on that ground.


Write a post explaining the documents you want to submit and people here will be able to review.
Break it into mandatory and optional and give a short description of the evidence.
Look at what other people looking for advice have posted.

Where you’re planning to live doesn’t affect the application, but you need to explain in your PS why you chose this region of the UK specifically

Post your evidence list