Documents required for Uk GTV dependent

Hello everyone,

we are in the process of applying of applying for a GTV dependent visa, please I’d like to know the specific document required to be submitted. the requirements on the website lists:
evidence of relationship ( marriage certificate or proof of living together for at least 2 years)
TB test.
I am wondering if there’s need to submit bank statements.
Is there anyone who submitted just the evidence as document required the visa was granted or were they required to submit additional documents such as bank statements?
Thank you.

I submitted only the required documents for my spouse and the visa was granted. Marriage certificate, proof of residence, and passport, if I recall correctly, were the 4 documents i submitted for my spouse. For my child, it was birth certificate, passport.

Please note that I switched visas in the UK and we had submitted more documents when we applied for our previous visa, so that may have played a part.

I submitted only my passport and TB test, My husband provide TB test, passport and marriage certificate. Proof of fund is not required.When applying for GTV it tells you what document you need to provide. There is a generic checklist used for all visa type, only provide what is stated when you finish fee payment.


Alright, thank you all for the feedback

Would like to know the documents required for child dependants, when applying from outside the UK. The guide states that there must be suitable arrangements made for the child’s care and accommodation. What does this entail please?

what guide? when you apply, it will give you a specific document checklist. Likely TB test and birth certificate that confirms you are the father.