Documents for Exceptional promise within UK Biometric

Hi All-

Could you please let me know.

Do I just need to upload scanned copies of

  1. Passport
  2. Endorsement Email
  3. Biometric

For my biometric appointment.

It stated that all evidences will be sent to Home office through tech nation.

Please correct me if I am wrong,

Hi @J-malik - I am guessing all went well?
Was it a smooth process applying from within the UK? I did the biometrics on my phone last time (for a different visa - and it was during the end of the pandemic).
Is the process the same and you did the face scan, finger scan, upload passport etc on the phone? (I don’t have the endorsement yet, will apply very soon!). Thanks and hope all went well

Hi Jessica-

Yes it was a fairly straight forward process. Just the usual biometric by visiting in person. Once you have uploaded all the documents for stage 2 on the website, Biometric is merely a formality. Hoping all goes well for you and good luck! @Jessica_Surendorff