Document verification

Hello everyone)My name is Daniil Chaus, I am an entrepreneur and in 2018 I founded Zigmund.Online — one of the largest psychotherapy online services in Europe. Zigmund.Online is a managed marketplace that helps people to find the right psychotherapist and get to the results they expect from therapy, saving their time and efforts. Today Zigmund.Online is one of the fastest growing startups in Russia: we managed to grow 10+ times in 2020 and almost 5 times in 2021. We work with more than 1000 highly qualified psychotherapists and helped more than 50,000 clients to significantly improve their lives. Our mission is to make society mentally healthier and more sustainable.

I have collected all the documents and am applying for exceptional talent. I was told about this forum and I would like to ask for help in evaluating my documents.

When filling out the questionnaire, will it be necessary to describe each document?

In addition to the articles that I indicated in my resume, I want to attach the company’s charter, income certificates, financial model, 2 awards in investment competitions.

Not sure i understand your question. can you share a list of documents you plan to submit to show you meet the eligibility criteria.

  1. Extract from the register of participants of the innovation center “Skolkovo”
  2. Agreement to the employment contract with the amount of wages
  3. A list of entries from the state register on the establishment of a legal entity
  4. Report on financial results
  5. The order appointing me as the General Director
  6. The decision that I am the sole founder
  7. Part of the employment contract and the charter confirming that this is my company
  8. Company income statements
  9. An award confirming that I have won an investment in the amount of 8,350 GBP
  10. There is also a cv listing my speeches as a speaker, siatya from forbs and other media about attracting investments.

This list does not look sufficient for exceptional talent.
What evidence are you submitting for the mandatory criteria? What two optional criteria are you selecting and what are the evidence you plan to provide?