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Hi folks,

I am applying for a visa. In the other documents, they asked about a “document showing you and your partner are living together (bank, utility bill…)”. I have a bank statement of both wife and husband, contract. Should I combine all of these documents as one document or should I upload them one by one? We apply together, whether I just upload to my folder, or should upload to both wife and husband’s folders. Thanks.


When I was applying for Visa back in 2019, I added them in single document and I got the visa. No problems.

Thanks. Do you remember to attach the name “proof-partner-together-bank-statement-name” or just “bank-statement-name”? Thanks.

I attached everything together into 1 document if that’s the question

Sorry, I misunderstand. Did you upload “document-prove-living-together” for both your and your partner’s folders or just need to upload it to your folder (because each person will have their own folder of upload the document in UKVCAS)?


As far as I remember I uploaded only to my partner’s folder because I was the main applicant.

Disclaimer: This was my situation, and I am not recommending that you take any action based on it. If you are concerned, it may be worth checking with an immigration lawyer.

Thanks. No problem. I think I will upload this document for both folders.

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To avoid any doubts, I recommend to upload for both folders (this is what I did for myself and my husband)