Document log file

Hello everyone,

Please can someone explain what the document log file means for the digital signature?

“Document log file that indicates the letter’s author and signature originated from a different IP address to the applicant”.

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Hello lfy,

i have checked the visa guide, it shows that there was a recent change to add this information. anyhow, if you use Docusign, you will that these logs are provided in one of the tabs.

i am confused myself, because normally we get the letter drafted and signed by professionals and we dont prepare the letters to make them sign.

colleagues in here would be able to advise further.

best of luck

Thank you, Maya. I appreciate your contribution. It is quite confusing. :blush:

I believe this note if fir those using digital signature software. Some recommenders simply paste their digital signature without using an online tool or signature app. Tech nation has not stated that hand signing or pasting digital signature is not allowed.

Thank you Francisca, I appreciate you. Bless you

Please Francisca, can the LinkedIn link of the recommender be within the letter or will there be a space within the form to add it.

You can add it in the letter

Thank you veryyyyyy much