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Dear all,

I need your opinion about an issue I have faced during my application for GTV-stage 2:

I have recently completed my online application and downloaded the document checklist. In the list there are two separate tables: in the first one the only required document is passport but in the second page there are documents such as: Information about my visit, Money (either income or savings), Home address, Evidence of assets and etc. I am not sure if these are mandatory documents or shall I only provide my passport. Because as far as I know, the aforementioned evidences are not required for GTV right?

Unfortunately the link to the guide of what documents are needed which is included in the checklist is not working. I would be so appreciated if you can help me with this issue.

Many thanks in advance.

Dear @Henry

As per uk global talent guidelines, evidence of financial statements or assets is not required. You just need the endorsement letter and any other requirement like TB test etc depending upon your location.

Best wishes

Yes. This information gap is an issue that should probably be solved soon.

I just replied someone else that had the exact same issue. The only thing you need per Home Office guidance is the endorsement letter .

Thank you, Afrasiab!

Hi Henry,

Congratulations on getting endorsed for the visa.

I just received an endorsement and I’m currently facing similar questions as above. If you could share what documents you finally ended up submitting and if your stage 2 application was successful, I would really appreciate it. Thank you!

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Hi Sujay,

Yes my stage 2 application was successful and I have received my visa. However, my wife has applied as my dependent at the same day but she has not received her visa after more than 50 days now! Here are documents that I submitted:

  1. My endorsement letter (as additional document)
  2. Proof of savings (bank account)
  3. Flight ticket reservation
  4. My passport

Hope this was helpful!

Hi Henry,

Thank you so much for your response, that’s really helpful.

I am sorry to hear about your situation. I’ve been reading about similar delays on other boards but hope others who have been through the process here will be able to provide you some insights. I really hope your wife receives her visa soon and wish you all the best!

Many thanks!

Does your wife have any previous immigration history with the UK?

Thank you Sujay! We hope so as well.

Hi Francisca,

Thank you for your message, Not an immigration history but we have applied for and received a 6-month visiting visa on 2017 and travelled to UK 2 times with that visa together. Do you think that has any connection with this delay?

Just checking if she has recently breached any immigration rule. It is strange. My Husband got his visa in 10 days and he was contacted to provide additional information because we where married for two weeks when we applied. So it is really strange.

No, not at all. Yes it is really strange. Hopefully you will be able to get your visa soon.

I already have my visa, it took a week. I think you should email the home office. Have you tried contacting the visa collection centre in case you are applying outside the UK.