Do we pay for Biometrics Appointment booking in stage 2

I am applying from the UK. Please, are we expected to pay when booking for biometrics appointment after paying for visa application fee and IHS?

@Francisca_Chiedu, @alexnk, @Amira_Chalbi, @Godzilla could you please help me confirm if it’s compulsory for one to pay for it.

Thank you.

[Applied inside the UK] I got a free appointment. You can find free appointments if you look into later dates.

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Edit: My below guide is applicable for those who are applying “outside” the UK.

Well, it depends. It all depends upon your visa processing body. If they have Free time/date slots, you will get it for free. Else if there are Premium time slots available only, then you need to pay around some amount ranging from $50 to $100 (most of the time). Good luck.

P.S. If you want to go for free, better to target later dates then. Hope it helps.


Not sure. I don’t know much about UK stage 2

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I don’t know much about UK stage 2 either. But I can confirm as the others said that it is similar to my case outside of the UK, which you can try to find the free slots, otherwise, they are “premium” which is a paid slot for a Biometric appointment for people with urgency or specific time preference.