Do we need 3 examples to provide evidence?

I came across this website

and she claims that “You would need to provide 3 examples of leadership in the table. What 3 examples could you provide?”

Second question: Is the table on her website is the official table on the government website?

Hi @Kewping
By the government website you stated, I’m assuming you meant TechNation site.

In my opinion, the table in the link you shared is like a simplified version of the TN guide

As for the 3 examples.
It’s only logical that one spreads the 10 evidences slots amongst the 3 criteria.

I didn’t see where it states that it must be 3

It could be in any ratio, provided it meets the 3 criteria.

Some have used MC:OC:OC in ratio 3:4:3, 5:3:2, 4:3:3 etc. I’ve even seen some use 2 examples.

Please read the official guide.
Anything outside the guide is opinion

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Sorry, do you mind explaining what is MC:OC:OC means?
I understand the meaning of ratio.

MC : Mandatory Criteria
OC : Optional Criteria.

i personally advise to not look at any other websites. focus on the guide from tech Nation.

its up to you.

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May I know you said some use 3:4:3.

  1. Each MC and OC is different or can be overlap?
  2. And some use 2 examples which is only 2 MC?
  3. Where did you seen this from?

Thank you

The spread of 10 documents is not necessarily anywhere. There is this guide from Tech Nation which is all you should read (>10 times). Evidence can be different and can also overlap. You’ll get a feel for what goes where and if you should have an overlap or not. A lot of things will become clearer after studying the guide. Mind you, the 10 pieces of evidence are even labeled as optional in the Tech Nation application form (if my memory serve me right).

In summary I’ll say submitting an application is more of an art than science so there is no single fixed formula.