Do reviewers contact referees mentioned in LOR or reference letter

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It’s been 3 weeks since I have submitted my application. I have couple of edits as well this week. However I asked my referees to see if they have been contacted either by mail or their Linkedin profile but none of them have got anything to tech nation. So I am just wondering to know do they contact referees or not if so how do they do it so I can atleast ask them to check if needed.
Please help
@alexnk @vudu can you please share your views as you guys are recenlty endorsed

I don’t think my references got contacted but I don’t remember where someone mentioned that their referee was contacted. Not sure if its 100% valid.

I don’t think my references got contacted either. I don’t think there is anything much you can do at the moment anyway. Be patient.

I see

Thanks @alexnk and @vudu for swift response…I am expecting decision this week.

Let’s hope for the positive…Finger crossed

Best of luck my friend

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Do not they even visit their or mine Linkedin profile?