Do Partners Get 5 year visa

When applying for my unmarried partner’s visa, I have options to pay for 5 years IHS

But I also saw a condition somewhere that shows partners can only be given a visa for 2years 9months at a time.

My questions are:

  1. Do partners of GTV holders still get up to 5 years dependent Visas?

  2. Should I go ahead to pay for a 5years IHS which is more cost effective or just go with a lower option and pay for another one when applying for an extension if my partner doesn’t get a 5 years visa?

You saw somewhere, is this under GTV category. I believe you didn’t see it under GTV. Married and unmarried can both apply for 5 years

Hi @Francisca_Chiedu,
Thank you for your response.
I saw this information here

Here’s a screenshot:

Family visa is not same as global talent visa.

@Francisca_Chiedu , will we get same visa duration, even I am applying (switching from Skilled Worker visa) within UK and my dependents are applying in different country ?

Yes they can get the exact number of years on your visa as long as your pay for the IHS

Thank you @Francisca_Chiedu . Last year while I was applying the Skilled Worker Visa, I put the exact dates for IHS. Due to delay, I got 3 months lesser than I paid. There was no refund since last year is still more than 6 months.

Since I am within the UK now, I am thinking which dates I should select. In any case, I will apply 5 years and pay 5years IHS.

Do you think it is matter what I put the start date if the 5 years IHS is paid ? In my skilled worker visa, maybe the sponsorship expiry date was affected the duration of visa even though I paid 3 years.