Do I pass for a product led tech company?

Hello everyone.I’m new here. I’m Stella Adebayo popular known as ‘’JAGABAN OF GRANTS’’, which is one of Africa’s leading transformational business and Grant Winning Coach. I founded a duly registered company
BIZGRANT Global Limited,an information hub that provides young Startups, Entrepreneurs, MSMEs Micro Small Medium Business ones with prompt information on how to access grants a.k.a FREE MONEY, business training and mentorship opportunities to start or grow their businesses via our digital products: ebooks, webinars online course, email prompts & virtual community. Online courses are hosted on my company’s website.
Pls does this pass for product led tech company?
If yes, I’ll like to pay for consultation session with you to guide me through the entire process. I await your kind reply. Thank you?


With reference to the TechNation Guide:

you can break down this into following
Proprietary of digital service/product, platform??
is this platform your main revenue?
is it the core of your business?

if you tick all the boxes, then the next step is to identify whether you are technical applicant or business applicant?

are you involved in coding and developing the platform? or innovating and leading the success of this platform?

breakdown of technical skills and business skills for each path is there in the Guide.

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To add to what @Maya shared, you need to know that a tech enabled business is ot same as a product-led digital technology company. Having a website with free resources doesn’t make you a product-led company. You have described yourself as Africa’s leading transformational business and Grant Winning Coach, based on my understanding of the Global talent visa programme this is not one of the skills listed, however, if you have experience of leading substantial VC investment over £25m GBP, then you can explore the business route.