Do I need a lawyer - application review

Hi team,

I am looking to get tech nation visa for UK and thinking to get a lawyer.
The idea is to get the application in line with the requirements and have high chances of approval.
Here is my overall journey
32 years now and working in tech for product companies for last 8 years
Founding a SaaS product management company and scalded to a million dollar revenue before leaving it - have media coverage for it - can get LOR from here
Spoke on a couple of conferences on how to scale bootstrapped business
Went to a company with Series A funding and was the product hire - can get LOR from founder
Went to a growth Stage b2B SaaS company as a product manager and helping to scale revenue and numbers - can get LOR from director or CPO/Founder

What do you folks think of the chances being better with a lawyer?


@Raj_Chakraborti You don’t need a lawyer. But having someone to review your documents thoroughly and provide comprehensive feedback will definitely help. You can browse online to find the best match price and offer.

In case you have more time to prepare, I would also suggest you to start your evidence list and review them and get them at least more than 50% done before paying expensive lawyer’s hours to review and get the most out of their feedbacks.