Do I have a strong application for 'exceptional promise'?

I’d like to apply for the Global Talent Visa following a peer review for the endorsement stage.


  • work in UX and statistics for social sciences
  • I’m an active researcher (e.g. 1 publication so far + working on 2 others) and have been teaching in the UK and abroad in the last 5 years
  • got a PhD in Sociology in 2021 and have been working as a UX Researcher for ~3 years in Big Tech

I’m not sure however if I fulfil the exceptional promise requirements:

  • am I at an early stage of my career? what’s considered ‘early stage’?
  • I have received a research grant for 5 weeks between Apr and May 2018 at a reputable research institute in Germany but does this qualify as a fellowship and prestigious? Alternatively, does my current role as a UX Researcher in Big Tech qualify as “an advanced research post”?

Thanks in advance!

Well, it is a very straightforward way explanation written by those endorsing bodies if you read them. This forum is for Tech Nation which is endorsing applicants mainly in Tech sector jobs. I believe you did not study properly so kindly study others endorsing bodies’ websites.

I make a comment with the sense that I am working as an AI Research Fellow in Industry and I do work on innovative problems for the company. I am confused that what endorsing body I will choose based on the research profile. Either it should be Tch Nation or the Royal Society of Engineering?