Digital work in a retail company - a good evidence?

Hi! Could you please help me to understand the following:
I led the delivery of several digital products (eCommerce), its integrations, etc. in huge retail companies as well as digital marketing that resulted in a substantial increase in sales, will it be considered as a good example of evidence? As i can understand, i need to show the work i did in “product-led digital technology companies”, but if i created something that is purely digital or affected sales through digital marketing and adjustment of user experience in a retail company - will it count for the application as good evidence?

Thanks a lot in advance for any thoughts!

Disclaimer: I am not working for the Tech Nation and not entitled to represent Tech Nation.

In my understanding, digital product is still a product. I believe that it would depend on the nature of the work one has been doing - the type of the company probably will be less relevant. All being said, the bar is quite high, so one has to demonstrate a really impressive digital contribution, both technically and financially.

Hi Alex, thank you! Do you think a letter of recommendation from a senior colleague in eCommerce and a deck presenting increase in sales and conversion (it was presented to the top management of the company in the country in question) will be the right evidence in this case? I am also presenting a letter of recommendation from COO of one of the departments in Yandex who worked with me when i was doing eCommerce project (he worked for another company at that time). thank you in advance!

@lola if you can prove innovation or commercial impact of your product beyond reasonable doubt then, your personal work for a non product led business should count. I have previously come across a guy whose name I can not remember who was working in a consultancy firm but got the endorsement solely based on his previous product related work.

@Mukesh_Adhvaryu Hi Mukesh, thanks a lot for your response! I have letters from the head of digital of a big retail bank stating that the project (app) i helped with is unique on the market and is being piloted now. I introduced an idea and business case how to develop it for this person and this is how the project was actually kicked off.
Another evidence will be a letter from a senior colleague in the consulting firm who worked with me stating that i helped to create a completely new platform for public sector client (and it is clearly innovative as it deals with Covid tests). Can these two letters in your opinion be enough to show TN the innovation i did? thanks!