Digital wallet a product-led digital technology company?

@Francisca_Chiedu can you please advise if working for a digital wallet app will be considered as a product-led digital technology company ?

I think a digital wallet app is a digital tech product. But the company is a different story, but it usually is a tech organization from my point of view.

Could you provide more details and your details in your concern?

I suppose the digital wallet is the product the company offers.

I work for a digital wallet product offered by a Telecom giant ( It is a semi-goverment company ) which has recently transitioned from Telecom to become a Tech giant.

I am confused if i should mention that i work for digital wallet app or the company ?

As the company has very big name but on the other side i feel its better to use the name of digital wallet to clearly show a product-led and remove and risks there.

What are your thoughts / advice? Thanks in advance

I think you can use the specific division you are in and show that your head of the division focuses on this specific digital tech product only (in this case digital wallet), not across the company’s products/services, to ensure that your division is considered tech-organization and digital tech sector somehow. Organization chart. the official name of your division (for example: the digital wallet product team), etc.
You can read more about the definition on

Other suggestions, (which may not help much :slight_smile: )
As far as I know, usually, the digital wallet has to tie in with the country’s central bank regulation and usually it has to spin off from the mother company for the sake of data protection, money laundering policy, and other national financial policies. I think you know your company better than me, but I just want to point this out if this is also the case for you.

I am not a solicitor, and this could be purely based on the assessor to judge if you are qualified in this grey area.