Digital Transformation Experience: How to make a strong application?

Hi All, I am looking for some insights into how can one make a strong application with a digital transformation experience in a legacy system company.

  • Profile of a SAP consultant/Engineering Manager in a traditional legacy company driving digital transformation for the company.
  • Proof of new features launched to automate/enable tech in various traditional processes and that has had an impact. It is not a “product innovation” but more an architecture innovation and tech deployment.
  • Validations include support letters, high salary proof, 1 Linkedin Live event participation and self-documentation only. No public proofs, no involvement in outside mentorship/speaking events/conferences.

My view is the application will fall weak without public proof and will struggle especially in MC.

Any experience with digital transformation backgrounds who received GTV and how did they navigate these challenges considering similar profiles usually have only internal proofs?

Looking for some insights!

Thanks in advance :pray: