DevOps Engineer with about five years

Hi everyone, I am a DevOps engineer, with about 5 years of experience.
I want to start my GT journey, Please where and how should I start from?
I worked with 2 startups for the first 3 years of my career, a DevOps Consulting firm in the UK and Now a fintech in South Africa. I reside in Nigeria. Please do I stand a chance? how do I go about it

Hi, @gtogbes, you seem experienced, but the main thing is to gather the right pieces of evidence to support your application.
I’m a DevOps engineer myself and it has also been a challenge gathering evidence tied to my experience as a DevOps engineer.
If there is anyone on the forum who got endorsed solely as a DevOps engineer, it would be nice to get some pointers to what kind of evidence was used in their application.

Thank you.
still in search of a DevOps Talent here too. hopefully we find one.

Have you read the tech nation guide. What are the list of evidence you have to meet the criteria. It is not only about your contribution as a DevOps engineer. How have you demonstrated leadership? What are your contribution to the sector? What impact have you made at work and who are the people you know your work…