DevOps/Cloud Focused Technical Writer


I am a TOGAF Certified Solution Architect with more than 17 years of experience. The first part of my career was with Global MNCs as a full-time employee working on Cloud/DevOps Architect. While the last 2 years I have been working as full-time freelance tech writer - again in Cloud/DevOps for multiple clients.

As a tech writer my job is to help create content for clients which are deeply technical and requires in-depth knowledge of technologies related to open-source, Cloud and DevOps. I can provide proof of my earnings which $70k+ in the last one year.

Two of my client CEOs, and one of my past managers (now an AVP in a different organization) have agreed to issue LoRs.

I was also the founder of an E-commerce startup which ran for 4 years before shutting down in the pandemic last year.

I am trying to explore how to present my profile - whether focusing on my freelance tech writing profile, on the startup which is now non-operational or on my full time employment which ended in 2019.

Does my profile stands a chance?


It’s very difficult to judge from 4-5 lines you have written.

I think it all depends on how you present your case and if it fits within the guidelines of tech nation then they will endorse you.

Hope it makes sense.


You like stand a chance but you need to match your evidence to the criteria, that way it is easier to get feedback from folks in the forum. I will also help you know if you have enough evidence for the listed criteria.