Details on Tech Nation form (referee adresses + CVS)

Hi All,

I am about to hit send on my Tech Nation submission; but there are 2 issues that I am concerned about.

  1. When filling out the details of the 3 Referees, it asks for their addresses in the fields/boxes. I do not know the home addresses of these people, and I feel it is rude to ask this.
    I only have the business addresses with a letterhead (as per the guidance).
    Is it acceptable to
    A) put generic answer eg. Aldgate East, London, UK
    B) put the business address in the form

I have their phone numbers, and I was able to add that.

  1. I cannot upload the CVs next to the Letters.
    It only allows for 1x PDF upload. So do I need to merge the CVs to the Letters? Only issue is, my documents will be over the 3 page limit if I do that. (I put their linkedIn profile in the from and they put it top of their letters/or at the end).

That’s for any help, I need to hit send as my visa ends in a few days and I need to extend my current leave. Thanks

@Francisca_Chiedu do you have any advice here, or should I try get help from immigration adviser. I won’t be able to get the details Referees home address. But maybe business address is ok? thanks

I recommend requesting permission to craft a more concise version of your CV. If that proves challenging, then ask them to include their LinkedIn address in the letters and also make sure their Linkedin is updated. Personally, I employed this approach during my application process, and it worked.