Dependents visa working status for endorsed Global talent

Hi there! I’m working on my application for the Global Talent and I have a doubt regarding the working status for dependents visa. I will apply for Global Talent Visa for myself, and if I succeed, I will apply for my wife’s visa as dependent. Do you know if this dependent visa allows my wife to work in any job when we move to UK? Feedback and experiences are welcomed. Thanks

Dear @eetcheverry

To my opinion, wife must have the right to do work. I am at the same stage as you are. The senior members can comment in a better way @sojo @zamana @vzaidman

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This is not legal advice, I’m not an expert, but from my experience - Yes. I couldn’t find a reliable official source for some reason, but yes.

search for GT 24.1 in
“Eligibility requirements for a dependent partner or dependent child on the Global Talent route” here:

Thank you @vzaidman for your comments. I’ve read the eligibility requirements, but couldn’t find a reference to the working status of the dependent. I’ll keep investigating.

@Afrasiab Thanks for sharing and good luck

Please refer to this link

  1. GT 24.3. The grant will be subject to all the following conditions:
  2. (a) no access to public funds; and
  3. (b) work (including self-employment and voluntary work) is permitted, except as a professional sportsperson or sports coach; and
  4. © study is permitted, subject to the ATAS condition in Appendix ATAS, if the applicant is over age 18; and
  5. (d) if Part 10 applies, the applicant will be required to register with the police.

Hope this helps. Dependents are allowed to work.


Thank you @happysoul
It is now clear and it helps me continue with my preparation.

@eetcheverry : glad to help, It was a important criteria for me too before we applied. All the best :slight_smile:

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@eetcheverry Yes, your wife is allowed to work for any company or profession except as a Dentist or Medical Doctor on the dependant visa.

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Thank you @sojo and all. Your feedback helps me a lot.

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Dear All,

I have a similar question regarding main applicant.

Due to current pandemic situation or othewise, if one is unable to find a job in field for which s/he has been endorsed, then can s/he do some other job at least? (of course apart from professional sportsperson or dentists etc)

What is the experience of any senior members on this?


One can work in any sector.except the.sports person But one has to mind the fact that, on extension or ILR, they have to prove that they have earned some money in their expert field and that has to be the most recent period of leave that doesn’t mean they must be working in their exper field at the time of application.

Many thanks for the kind guidance @Mukesh_Adhvaryu