Dependent visa to global talent


If someone is already in UK on dependent visa and working in digital technology field. Do they need to leave UK and then apply for stage2? (If stage 1 is successful)

Usual disclaimer: I am not a lawyer and it is not legal advice. Neither I work for Tech Nation or represent Tech Nation.

It does appear that it should be possible. There’s a list of visa from which one cannot switch to Global Talent on this page: However it might be not up to date or not exhaustive, so I’d suggest seeking legal advice from a qualified adviser.

AFAIK, no need. I know of examples of such applicants who completed their switch without needing to leave UK.

Thanks. And does it mean that you will get ILR after 2 years in GT visa, if you have already spent 1 year on dependent worked permitted visa?

It does appear so (on the surface), but I’d suggest checking with immigration adviser to be sure.

Update: please forget what I just said. According to the immigration rules time spent in the UK on the dependent visa will not be taken into account for settlement:

  1. GT 11.3. The qualifying period must consist of time with continuous permission on any of (or any combination of), the following routes:
  2. (a) Global Talent; or
  3. (b) Innovator; or
  4. (c) Skilled Worker; or
  5. (d) T2 Minister of Religion; or
  6. (e) T2 Sportsperson; or
  7. (f) Tier 1 Migrant, other than Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur).

from: Immigration Rules - Immigration Rules Appendix Global Talent - Guidance - GOV.UK