Dependent VISA duration

Hi All

Can we apply dependent VISA simultaneously for a shorter duration and extend later.

Example - Primary applicant applies VISA for 4 years. Dependents apply VISA for 1 year initially and extend for another 3 years.

In 4th year hopefully primary applicant would have ILR and dependents need to further renew their VISA for another 1 year and apply for the ILR.

The whole idea is to reduce the initial payment that needs to be done for NHS charges since we are going their without a job and hopefully we will be settled in 1 year so can extend dependent VISA after 1 year.

Any thought or the best way to do this with less initial cost would be highly appreciated.


Yes, those optimisations are definitely possible and worth considering.

However, please note the other end of those optimisations - every time you apply for a visa, you have to pay visa fees also, which is substantial. Also, the NHS surcharges have been going up - it was £400 per person when I applied in September last year and was going up to £650 per year from Oct 2020. It was cheaper for me to get a longer visa in one go in September than to break it up in two iterations. Plus it saved on the hassle of 2 applications.

That said, if you are short of cash and trying to optimise cashflow, your ideas are in the right direction.