Dependent Application

Hi All,
I have endorsed and currently making my application for stage 2.
However, we are expecting a baby and my wife will not be able to fly after a couple of months. Can she apply for dependent visa after a whilte? Is this 3 month rule is valid for her too?
thank you

The three months validity is for the main applicant. She can apply now.

Thank you for the reply, but there is 2 different 90 day rule, 1st one is applying for visa after the endorsment, we can do that,
however 2nd rule is pick up BRP after visa issued, we may not be able to that if they start time after visa issue.
We plan our entry date Nov 1st, which is after birth.
Does BRP pick up timeline in 90 days starts after our planned arrival date or visa issue date?

Yes 90 days after your planned arrival. You can always renew it.

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