Definition of "Innovation" in first optional criteria for Exceptional talent leader route

Dear Tech Nation community, I am applying for Exceptional Talent Leader route. Could someone please clarify the requirement for the first optional criteria i.e. “a proven track record for innovation as an employee working on a new digital field or concept”

I am a product manager working on building digital products and specialise in building AI / ML products. However, the work i have done is in companies like Deliveroo/Careem (an Uber company) for the real world with commercial impact (examples below) and I am not sure if products i have built count towards innovation or innovation has a very specific meaning e.g. scientific innovations and evidence like patents suited more to people who work as researchers e.g. researcher at Google, MSFT etc.?

Examples of AI/ML products I have built are for rider hailing and food delivery marketplaces e.g dynamic pricing to be offered to drivers, matching algorithms to match orders to riders in an efficient manner, predict various events to make a dynamic real time marketplace e.g. how long it will take food to be delivered, prepare by restaurant, accepted by rider, etc.

I would really appreciate if someone can help me clarify what innovation here really means so that I dont apply with the wrong criteria.

Thank you so much for your help!


You can provide details of the product built, with details of why is innovative. I have seen employees get endorsed for their contribution to product development but I have also seen some assessor state that proof of Innovation is for founders while employed can show proof of working in new digital field. Generally, it depends on the level of details you put in your application to demonstrate you meet the criteria.


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