Decision Timeline

Hello all,

I noticed on my Proforma that there was a 10 day gap between my decision date and actually receiving my official decision email. Is this normal?

My application was rejected and I submitted a review request, so I’m just wondering if I should send a follow up email, as it’s been about 3 weeks since I submitted the review request.

After speaking to a specialist, I was notified that on average review requests take 1-2 weeks. Again, I’m sure the timelines all vary randomly and are not correlated to specific outcomes, but want to be sure I’m getting my decision efficiently so if it’s another rejection I can submit my second application. Thanks!

In your admin review form or guidance, you should find a period mentioned by which your review could be completed. I am not sure for now but previously it was 28 days. I am afraid that period should be exhausted before you start enquiring about the status.

Yes, it is still 28 days. Will wait it out until next week. Thanks!

Have you gotten a feedback yet?

Yes, I did and unfortunately my review was still rejected due to my lack of evidence demonstrating a contract between myself and my employer. :man_facepalming:

Still good very clear feedback so will be reapplying altogether shortly with the new evidence in hand!

Ohh so sorry about that.

How long did it take to get feedback on your review ?

I requested a review on July 9th and got the decision on August 3rd.

Think that’s roughly 25 days, so just within the timeframe. I’ve seen people get review decisions within a day or two - guess it’s all random!