"Date you plan to arrive in the UK"

For the stage 2 application, the following info is asked for…

Your planned travel information

Date you plan to arrive in the UK

I am currently outside of UK, and to be on the safe side, I would like to take some time before reaching UK, especially under the unpredictable nature of the current pandemic. I didn’t see any upper bound on the date. Could you guys share how long in advance you did put the date? I would like to see what is the maximum deferment people have successfully applied for. (Is 6-7 months OK?)


Your endorsement letter is typically valid for only three months. Additionally, you cannot apply farther out than three months. You can find all of this info on the official visa guidance: https://www.gov.uk/apply-to-come-to-the-uk/prepare-your-application

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Before expiry of your endorsement, you must apply for visa. The date you will book your appointment like 20 May 2021 add 90 days which may be 19 August 21. So you can put plan date to arrive in uk within 90 days like 12 August 21 for the safe side will be enough time for you.

I think this will be cleared your concern.

I have similar query here…basically I am in the process of filling the visa application and what I see is we need to put a planned arrival date in the UK. Now what they are saying is once the vignette is received you will have 30 days to make an entry in the UK. Given the current situation where no one knows how long it may take for the world to be safer to travel and stay, how do I figure out the planned travel date since they will give the Entry Clearance Vignette valid for only 30 days and the actual BRP is to be collected fro within the UK. I have attached the screenshot mentioning 30 days.

Recent applicants have got 90 days from the planned date of travel. This extension is primarily due to covid travel restrictions. They are hoping there will be some phase in those 90 days for you to make a successful travel. It is a bummer that they haven’t updated the website. Not sure if that helps.

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thanks a lot @Shreeniwas_Iyer for making me aware of the 90 days.

I am not sure but I believe your visa would be issued to be valid from the date you mentioned you plan to arrive in the Uk. This has been true for the few people I know that applied.

I don’t have an example of anyone that mentioned they were arriving more than 6 months out though.