Cybersecurity Experience in Banking

Dear All,

I currently have a 5 years experience in Cybersecurity in banking sector and a 3 years experience in an IT firm as support engineer making a Total of 8 years.

Is it true that banking experience is not relevant for the global talent visa Uk?

That’s not true.
There are things you should consider…

  • what impact did you make?

  • If you worked in SOC team at the bank, what was your line of work?

*Did you bring any innovative ideas that made the process easier?

  • Have you saved the organization from an incident that is recommendable?

  • Have you discovered threats that is worth recommendation?

  • Outisde your banking job have you contributed to this sector, get involved in bug hunting, training people or similar activities?

  • What expertise have you gathered within your period of work?

  • Are you a member of any professional body?

  • What certifications do you have?

  • Do you consider yourself a high earner in your sector?

  • Do you have strong eveidence to back all these up?

I’m an information security anaylst and a UX resercher majorly on cross functional duties with experience in the Fintech. I present evidence of both expertise and how it was interdisciplinary and I got endorsed. If you meet all those requirement go ahead and push.

Your recommendation should show your strength…
Example: John Doe achievements during his tenure at xxx include implementing advanced security measures, reducing security risks, erect firewalls/DLP to, Slash security risks by 20% through installation of physical access controls., Implemented multilayer security system for the institution, including enhanced anti-virus, anti-spam, and anti-spyware software, which reduced malware risk by 40%, managed advanced patch management system for 200+ desktop computers/workstations and file servers, Regulated access to safeguard information in files by monitoring the use of data files. He also led a team to develop innovative software solutions that significantly enhanced operational efficiency and saved the company substantial costs.


You are right but it is important to clarify that banking experience is fine for technical applications. Business applicants may not be eligible if all they are using is their experience from commercial Banks.

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