Cybersecurity Consultancy Now In Product Company

Hi All,
I have the following background:

Currently working as Cybersecurity Specialist (I have been at this company for nearly a year)- Tech Product Company in the UK, basing in Hampshire.
The job had been open for over six months before I was selected. The company interviewed about 25 people who did not meet the criteria they had set. The main reason I got this job is that they were looking for a person to conduct internal security assessments (VAPT) and guide the company through ISO 27001 and SOC.

My previous job (Cybersecurity consultancy) - Rose from cyber security specialist to Manager Cybersecurity, Digital Forensics, Compliance (ISO 27001 and SOC) and Internal IT
I was incharge of conducting penetration tests, digital forensics investigations for clients. internally i handled cybersecurity and IT. i also did training and spoke at several high profile events in my personal capacity.

I have 10 years experience in enterprise It and Cyber security.

Given the above information, am I eligible for the TN visa?

Generally speaking consultancy work doesn’t count towards work experience under tech nation’s rules.
Have a look at the guide: Tech Nation Visa Guide - Tech Nation

Thank you @hsafra for your response. I have the following questions:

  1. In the consultancy firm - I was also doing cybersecurity and IT internally. Not just external consultancy. Does that experience count?
  2. I am now working in a tech product company - how long do I need to be working there before I can apply (I have been working there for 10 months)? Can I apply for future promise and not as a leader?
  3. Is it possible for me to apply based on the fact that my current cybersec job in the tech product company required a skillset only available if you had consultancy experience?
  1. As I understand the process Tech Nation will rule out almost anything done in a consultancy firm. If you done internal work that may be admissible but you’ll need to be able to explain it very well.
  2. I think all work counts towards the ET/EP decision. It’s just that you can’t submit evidence from non product companies.
  3. Being offered a position isn’t of itself something unique. Can you convince the review board that this experience can’t be acquired in product companies?

Have you read the guide? What evidences are you planning to submit to MC and the OCs?

Hi @hsafra,

Thank you for your input. I might need to review my approach. I am the vCISO of a start up in the USA. My input helped them get their first contract which has opened up doors to discussions with other clients. I have been working with them for the past two years. Would a LOR from the CEO/COO be beneficial to my application. It is a product company, so I hope that offsets my time at the consultancy firm.

@Anesu a letter from the CEO of a product company where you worked will definitely help.
What kind of other evidences do you have lined up?