CV of those who gave recommendations

I appreciate the great efforts that is channel into this platform.

I want to know if the CV of those giving recommendations would be submitted as a separate document. I read that every evidences should not be more than 3 pages. Those that I have their recommendation letters, their CV is more than 2 pages and their recommendations letter is already 2 pages.
I want to know if its the full CV that is expected. Thank you.

A lot of people who have been endorsed used the LinkedIn url of their recommenders by adding it to the bottom of the letters.

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The letters must also be typed and dated. Be up to 3 single sides of A4 paper, excluding the authors credentials.

The CV is excluded from the 3page limit. So if you have two pages of a recommendation letter, merge it with the author’s CV. It will be 5 pages but it is fine as long as the letter does exceed three pages

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This is fine but be mindful that some recommenders may not have a solid linkedin profile that shows they are recognised leaders. I have seen rejected applications, when you check the linkedin profile, it is scanty, the CV would have done justice. So Linkedin is not always a good option


Maybe upload CV on Google drive and give public access URL in recommendation letter ? Will that be good idea?