CV of people providing Reference letters

Hey all,

Could someone tell me if I should attach the CV of the people who are providing me the relevant reference letter. I am aware that I need to provide CV for people providing the LORs but it is not clear if I should provide the CV for the reference letters as well.

Pls, let me know what you all did with your application.

You don’t necessarily need to provide a CV in either case. As far as I’m aware, a LinkedIn profile link is a perfectly acceptable equivalent.

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Hi @sahil11. It is better to have a snapshot of the people, eg. company page, their profile site, or LinkedIn.

Just to provide extra information for the assessor to validate the reference letter.

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Yeah, I have provided their LinkedIn ids at the end (part of the signature, address, and date). I am guessing that should be enough?

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guess so.But I also took a screenshot, just to make assessor’s validation easier, and in case LinkedIn is down / referee deleted their LinkedIn account. :joy:


Is it necessary for the writer of the reference letter to physically sign on it?

Also, I have gathered some evidence, is it possible to submit this application without a reference letter?