CV: A mix of agency and digital product-led founder experience

I founded a software agency since 2017 which is still active. It is a very small agency which is basically a vehicle for my freelance work. It has built innovative digital products for a US-based fintech startup (of which the founder will be writing me a recommendation letter). In Q3 2021 I founded a digital product-led SaaS company which is building its MVP to solve a problem property managers run into. I have made significant tech contributions to this company in building the MVP. I also have history of working as an employee at a digital product-led company in 2017 (which will be part of my OC3 evidences) and before this time I worked at a tech consultancy (i.e. the period before 2016 and no evidence from this time period).

My question is this: Should I exclude work I have done in the agency I have founded from my CV? (there will be gaps). My TN evidences do not include work from this agency but some of the work I have done outside my day to day such as conferences, speaking on panels, structured mentoring etc. reference me as the founder of this company (not too bothered about this).

Again, should I exclude work from this agency I founded from my CV?

What’s your advice on this?