Cover letter for evidence

Has anyone had any experience with using a cover letter for evidence? I saw the extract below and am not sure what they meant.

You must use the Tech Nation application form to state which of your supporting documents relate to your chosen Eligibility Criteria. If you choose to provide this information in the form of a cover letter you will need to upload it as one of your ten supporting documents.

Who would the cover letter be written by? Me or someone who would be recommending me?

Thank you

I believe It has to be written by you yourself, you are basically explaining your other 9 evidences in this one piece of evidence.

Does a cover letter provide more clarity and separation between documents than the form? I’m curious why you would choose the cover letter over the application form.

cc @mikeayus

It is your choice to go that route, however, If thats your choice…then you should be able to provide a content that does justice to explaining the other evidences

I’m divided on using a cover letter as well.

what are the pros and cons you think of @mikeayus @Maaruf @Lina