Could you help Review my profile for Exceptional Promise

Background - I am a Data Scientist with 4 years industry experience. I am also heavily invested in community building in the AI Space.


  1. Founder of the AI community where i am a Co-organiser
  2. Founder of an AI Company
  3. Nigerian Senior Tech professional

Mandatory Criteria

  1. I am a Co organiser at an Artificial Intelligence NGO. We teach people Ai curriculum for free and have impacted over 500 young people. There is a website of our activities, that also shows i am a co-organiser.

  2. High salary. In comparison with what I was earning before and pay scale comparison for similar roles.

  3. I spoke at an IOT Day Event for women last year. 22 women from different countries spoke about their journey to tech. I was one of the speakers. There is a youtube video evidence and promotion material and clippings as proof.

Optional Criteria

OC2 Advancement

  1. Evidence of mentorship must be for activity outside the applicant’s organisation or normal course of work duties and excludes mentorship of other commercial organisations as part of a commercial arrangement.

Proof - I have proof of mentorship from the NGO I co-organise. I have mail and promotional materials as proof of this.

  1. GitHub repo that shows I was involved in a collaborative project.

Proof - GitHub repo

  1. Talks or conference speaking that have had a significant viewership.

Proof - I spoke at an IOT event for women last year. 22 women from different countries had conversations about their journey to tech. I was one of the speakers(Same as MC)

  1. An op-ed or news article that exemplifies thought leadership, evidence of mentorship.

Proof - YouTube documentary made by a third party on the AI community we built and how people have benefitted from it. Each of the co-organisers including me spoke in the video.

  1. All contributions (for example to an Open-Source project, GitHub, or Stack Overflow profile etc.) must demonstrate a consistent and ongoing track record of contributions to the sector. Proof- I co-organised a Deep Learning Hackathon in 2019. There were 60 participants and prizes were given to the winners.


  1. Evidence of Employment & Salary

  2. Recommendation from my former team lead from when I worked in a bank. I don’t know if this is valid.

Quick question - What’s the minimum acceptable number of optional criteria

Kindly assist @May @femibiwoye @francisca_chiedu @immigrant @oluwabig. Tagging for visibility.

Thank you!

I think you’re missing some evidence in OC3. You should include document explaining your contributions and the impact. What metrics would you be showing for impact, and in what capacity have you worked for the bank?

I agree with @May that you should add evidence to your OC3.

To answer your question:

What’s the minimum acceptable number of optional criteria?

You need to select exactly 2 Optional Criteria. However, a promising route requires at least 1 example of your evidence to support each of the optional criteria. From what you provided, I guess you are applying for the promising talent route.

Another suggestion, you may try to add/swap some of the MC or OC2 evidence which shows the impact to be in OC3 instead, but ensure that you still maintain sufficient evidence as leadership (MC) and recognition for work beyond your occupation (OC2).

Mandatory criteria - aside your name on the website, what are you showing as evidence of contribution to a Tech nonprofit?
When you say 22womrn spoke about their journey in tech how many people were in the audience? Does the evidence show upto 100 attendees?
As for mentorship, what’s the evidence that this is a structured mentorship program?

OC3 - Recommendation should show your significant contribution to the company.
You should show evidence of what you actually did.

Most applicants put more than two evidence for each criteria incase an assessor is not convinced with the first evidence submitted in support of the criteria.

As for the recommender, what do you mean by Nigerian tech professional? Do your recommendes have a strong public profile?

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  • Make sure none of the documents you’re submitting reference your experience to be more than 5 years.
  • Your first recommender, is it a large community? It should be a reasonably large community.
  • The third recommender should have a good public profile.
  • MC3 - Just as Francisca has mentioned, it is better if you have at least 100 attendees
  • OC2.2 - The collaboration you worked on:
    • Is it open source?
    • Is it rated(fork and star)?
    • Do you have a good number of commits? Make sure you share screenshots and links of some of your commits.
  • Repeating the evidence you have in MC in OC2 is redundant
  • OC3. If you currently work in a product-led digital technology company, you can add your contributions. Codes, architecture, model, etc. Anything which you contributed.
    • A team lead from a bank doesn’t count.

I want you to have something at the back of your mind when you’re putting the pieces of evidence details together: The application about you. Make sure to always use “I” instead of “We”.