Could peer reviewed research publications from 5 years ago be used

As the title, I have multiple academic publications that I would like to use for the application. Two of them were published in Jan 2019. Could they be used for Exceptional Talent route?

@Francisca_Chiedu Perhaps you could help answer this?

The rule is 5 years. That being, said since they’re from 2019 and it’s 2024 they may be accepted if you’re lucky.
Do you have other evidence you can submit?

@hsafra Thanks for your reply. I have 4 publications in total and was thinking of using them in OC4. Other than that I have also software development experience for around 8 years and would use it as other evidence. Do you recommend not using OC4?

If you exclude the two old publications that still means you have two more.
If it fits the examples in the guide, like being peer reviews and in a journal, I would definitely use it for OC4

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