Converting currencies to GBP


There is a statement on Tech Nation’s website like that:

Added note that currencies in evidence should be converted to GBP or appropriate conversion rates provided.

I’m working in a product-led company. I’d like to upload my contract as a piece of evidence. How should I show my salary as GBP? My contract is a PDF.


When you type in salary in the actual form, use GBP equivalent. However, attach the evidence is-as-is.

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What I did was to annotate the documents with the GBP equivalent because I had a lot of financial documents and then I put the source for example, in brackets.

I also created two tables with all figures (1 in original and another in GBP)
Took snapshot of original document and pasted it next to table. created a link to original file on drive.
Also gave reference link to website for forex rate.