Continous learning evidence

Hi everyone,
I hope you are doing well. I have a question about the evidence.
Should I put the course certificates on one document or create a document for each of them?

I am thinking of putting a letter from a course manager (I both took a course and then gave a course there), a GitHub profile overview, a course certification document

I am waiting for your opinions. Thanks in advance

As long as you stick within 10 documents boundary it’s ok. In my opinion, course certificate would do the job. Letter from course manager may not be necessary.

Hi faruk,

What is the best way to show Github profile overview?

Hi Mudita
Not sure if you are aware, but just for information, after 1-Dec 2020, the Continuous learning criteria (earlier QC3) is no longer a criteria in the Tech Nation application process. Would suggest you to keep this in mind while taking theGitHub profile angle.
Best wishes

Hi Deepak,


This is for Optional criteria 2,
“demonstrate that I have been recognised for my work outside of my immediate occupation that contributed to the advancement of the sector?”

and optional criteria 3,
“demonstrate that I have made a significant technical, commercial, or entrepreneurial contribution in a product-led digital technology company, either as a founder, senior executive or employee?”

Hi Mudita

Ah okay, got it. Think it would work well for current QC2, not sure about current QC3 (which is more about evidencing impact within your day-to-day job).

Best wishes mate.