Content Creators are supported?

Content Creators are one of the leading sources of information for everyday tech consumers and even in depth tech break downs and walk through. when ever I am looking to make a meal or travel to new place I search YouTube or TikTok for details on how o make my experience better.

My question is are content creator who have gathered a huge following on social media under the Tech Nation umbrella?

Content Creator are Informative based creators who use technology to tell a story or inform.

In my opinion, the answer would be No. This is except the content creator is focused on Tech contents (not just using Tech to create content as you say). Even at that, you would likely need to show how your work is building the digital tech ecosystem and also meets the 3 of the 5 criteria.

A Technical Writer for example may qualify.

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Even if you’re creating tech content, there is emphasis on being a founder or employee in a product-led digital technology company, otherwise you may be classed as consultancy which does not meet the requirements of this visa.


It is, there is a content creator who was endorsed in Youtube is the story you can try to search it, but go on! Good luck