Confusion regarding Documents required for Stage 2

I am in the process of applying for Global Talent stage 2. I paid IHS for 5 years and got the following document requirements for stage 2.

I’m a bit confused as to what to show for Information about the visit (since it’s for 5 years), Evidence of assets (as I have none) and Evidence of family members remaining in your home country.

I saw that GTV doesn’t require evidence of funds, or is there a threshold account balance requirement?

Are these optional documents? It doesn’t ask for an endorsement letter, I hope the home office already has this information. In this case, is a passport the only mandatory document required for GTV stage 2?

are you doing from inside UK or outside?

Outside UK, from India.

I just did stage 2 (inside the UK) & only a passport was required.

Looking at the questions, these are the standard immigration questions they are asking.

Might be someone who did stage 2 outside of the UK who can help here.

Hi @007

I applied from India, i too got these questions
I just took the printout of endorsement for the first one, and bank statement (just in case)

Thanks, @Connect , don’t we need the TB certificate?

You do need TB certificate.

Got it , thanks @s_6032 .

So to conclude
Passport, TB certificate (Mandatory),
Endorsement letter, Bank statement(Optional).

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